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    Kitchens to rent

    The Agri – Food Industry is the fastest growing, most resilient manufacturing sector across the island of Ireland. Creating  creative food is a serious business.

    From jam makers in Jonesboro, yoghurt makers in Youghal, bread bakers in Ballycastle and  Salhill sauce makers, The Food Pod Company kitchens to hire enables artisan food producers to “up scale” from domestic kitchen tables to viable food manufacturing.
    The Food Pod brings you

      1. No major investment on manufacturing plant
      2. Access to an industrial mini- manufacturing kitchen
      3. No “red-tape” the Food Pod conforms to all food and supermarket standards
      4. Kitchen rental by the day or by the week


  • The Food Pod

    The Food Pod

    Access to a proper mini-industrial catering kitchen, with sales and marketing support

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  • VegWare


    Completely compostable packaging - your key to recycling everything.

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  • Waste Management

    Waste Management

    To promote your "green" credentials and reduce landfill to an absolute minimum

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Our Story:

    In August 2012 Tina O’Hagan was on her way back to Magherafelt from Kilkenny. After two hours driving she decided a coffee stop was needed and the seeds for the Food Pod were planted.

    The coffee shop in the village was tiny. Tina ordered some coffee and a scone with cream and jam. That was a revelation, the scone was light, and buttery, and the jam was zing full of strawberry sunshine. Both were homemade.

    Orla (the coffee shop owner) said that she often took her jams and baking to the local market, She said it was so popular that she could sell what she made 4 times over, but space and time didn’t allow her to do more.

    Tina got to thinking about the fine artisan, bakers, jam, butter and chutney makers

    If they had access to a proper mini-industrial catering kitchen, with sales and marketing support, packaging and waste management systems, many of them could blossom into viable and sustainable Agri-food businesses

    So with over 30 years experience in the food and hospitality industry, Tina O’Hagan the leading edge industrial kitchen designer, sales mentor and platinum certified Food Service Professional founded the Food Pod Company

    The Food Pod Company makes the full range of services available to artisan producers.

    1. The Food Pod Kitchens to hire
    2. Full sales and marketing assistance
    3. Food packaging
    4. Food Waste Management
    5. Food service consultancy

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