Industrial Mini-manufacturing and commercial catering kitchens to rent or lease

The Food Pod brings you a variety of commercial catering kitchens mobile and static for the small startup food businesses existing food businesses social enterprises and entrepreneurial food projects.Each kitchen is designed to meet the environmental health and fire safety and food standards, and are kitted out with the most up to date easy to use catering equipment.  Each mini manufacturing food pod is capable of producing 1500 units of product per day and can store up to 2,000 items of refrigerated product.The mini food pod kitchens are excellent spaces to use especially if you need to pilot test your product before considering to go into business, without having a large price tag attached for that experience.

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Helping businesses to get started

The Food Pod Company helps small food businesses to get started and helps existing food businesses to increase their sales through our range of programmes such as sales and marketing coaching, mentoring, consultancy and sales training.

We all need help at some stage of our business journey and in particular, it can be overwhelming for a small start-up business to wear all the hats necessary at the beginning. We at the food pod have also tread that path and understand the challenges startup and small business face, in particular, building  a customer base from scratch and getting sales.Our step by step incubator programmes gives you the confidence to sell yourself and your products more effectively irrespective of your sales skill set or experience, whilst holding onto the value of your product."GROWTH TAKES PATIENCE AND PESERVERENCE "

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It's not what you know but who you know!

 We know and have access to the movers and shakers of the hospitality and foodservice industries in the UK, ROI, USA and Australia and help you to showcase your products

Our clients say

We have many years of sales and marketing experience in the hospitality and food industries and  have had different input into  projects both small medium and large.Some of our clients have kindly shared their experience working with the Food Pod and Tina O'Hagan. See the video testimonials and read the study cases to find out more how can we help you.

Since 1993

Are you being challenged?

Does your company need a sales hunter?

Are you a sales hunter or an order taker?

Do you know what the difference is?

Can your business benefit from recruiting more hunters than order takers?

What are the different skill sets required?


We offer intensive role-playing courses over a 6 session period to help you enhance your own skill set or your sales team.


Alternatively, we offer a  3-week personal development booster session for sales team managers and supervisors who wish to develop their hunter skills.