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The Food Pod Company

Kitchens to rent

The Agri – Food Industry is the fastest growing, most resilient manufacturing sector across the island of Ireland. Creating creative food is a serious business.


From jam makers in Bellaghy to, yoghurt makers in Cork, chutney and sauce makers in Ballycastle and  Chocolate milk makers in Limerick. The Food Pod Company kitchens to hire enables all small and artisan food producers to “upscale” from their domestic kitchen tables to viable food manufacturing without a big price tag attached.


The Food Pod brings you


  • No major investment in manufacturing plant
  • Access to an industrial mini- manufacturing catering kitchen ready for use
  • No “red-tape” the Food Pod conforms to all food manufacturing  standards environmental health and fire regulations
  • Kitchen rental by the day or by the week
  • Access to specialist sales and marketing mentoring coaching and consultancy for your product
  • Access to having someone to help sell for you and show you how to do it

Meet Tina O'Hagan

Tina O’Hagan is the founder owner of The Food Pod and is a Food Service Specialist Consultant that delivers sales and marketing mentoring, coaching and sales training, specialising in the food service and hospitality sector. Read more about her expertise in her website Tina O'Hagan Food Service Consultant