Specialist Foodservice consultancy

Here we look at your overall business and see what help is required to develop sales in the hospitality and food service industries. We act as a door opener and introduce and help sell your products into specific markets help optimise sales, and identify what requires adjusting in your business.

Sales and Marketing

The Food Pod Company has an elite level of contacts within the high returns food markets, supermarkets and artisan shops both in Ireland/UK and the USA. Our sales and marketing team open the doors and clear the way for you to showcase your products to the buyers who count. We also work closely with celebrity chefs who are encouraged to endorse your product, based on its quality. These sales and merchandising platforms are available to everyone who opts to accept their products marketed this way.

Food Service Consultancy

With over 30 years experience in the food and hospitality industry, Tina O’Hagan is an expert in her field. As the Food Pod Company founder, Tina offers specialist advice to all components of the food, drink and hospitality industry, including public sector bodies.
A leading edge industrial kitchen designer, sales mentor and platinum Certified Foodservice Professional, Tina devotes her special interest to business “startups” and SME’s who require a “turnkey” approach to their food production journey.
From incubation to fruition, Tina O’Hagan’s consultancy services provide direction and encouragement with product and growth strategies to transform inspirational ideas into workable, marketable realities.

Food Waste Management Consultancy

The Food Pod Company food waste management consultancy service advises you on the best food waste to resource equipment and services. These systems can be integrated at a low cost, into your business. We can also create a manual and “app” for staff relative to recording and reducing waste, Training is available on how to monitor waste and eliminate what gets sent to landfill.



We offer tailor-made sales coaching programs to suit individual requirements and organisations.

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We offer mentoring programmes that are carried out over 3 and 6-month periods.

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Sales Training

We offer tailor-made programs to suit your particular requirements.

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