Waste not or Waste prudently

    Food Waste Management Consultancy

    The Food Pod Company food waste management consultancy services advise you on the best

    1. Food Waste to resource equipment available
    2. Food waste management services


    These systems can be integrated at a low cost, into your business.
     We can also create a manual and "app" for staff relative to recording and reducing waste, Training is available on how to monitor waste and eliminate what gets sent to landfill.

Commercial Benefits

• Eliminates waste collection and disposal costs.
• Relatively low capital outlay.
• Equipment purchased on a finance arrangement such as lease rental*
might cost less per month than otherwise disposing of the waste to landfill.
• Long operating life ensures low operating and maintenance costs.
• Range of IVCs available to meet various waste volume processing
• Removes requirement to buy compost.
• Enables waste producer to manage costs as a known quantity.
• Protects waste producer from rising and uncertain future waste
disposal costs.
• Helps to meet the legal requirements of catering retailers to dispose of
their food waste by alternative means to landfill.
• Avoids potential fines from otherwise illegal disposal of food waste.

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Social Benefits

• Eliminates waste transportation.
• Prevents spillages of wet waste from waste collection vehicles.
• Simple to install and operate.
• IVC requires minimal cleaning.
• Relatively compact dimensions means IVC takes up limited space.
• Storage of waste in lidded bins reduces attraction of stored waste to vermin and insects and unpleasant odours.
• Promotes organisation’s positive approach to Corporate & Social Responsibility.
• Helps promote recycling by educating people to consider their impact on the environment and to adopt eco-friendly practices.
• Encourages self-sufficiency and sustainability for example by growing vegetables using food waste compost.
• Any aromas can be vented to air, foul drain or bio filter.
• Compatible with septic tanks.