What’s Foods are still trending this year?


We can’t get enough of them they are a great antioxidant and help to strengthen your immune system, full of vitamin C  a great breakfast filler

every health fitness guru has them on their menu, we all need to keep the immune system in good shape and reduce the visits to the Doctor and reliance on prescription medicines.


Street food is still trending and this year it’s all about the Taco-how hot can the sauce be?

Taco trucks are now appearing on every corner in the large cities and taco


Has recently made the switch from niche health food to haute cuisine. Chefs are using this for their snappy texture and deeply oceanic, ediable saltwater plant there is even a seaweed butter.

Green foods

Kale is no longer the hip super food it once was, and is rapidly on the decline as the hallmark food for veganism. Chefs are now moving to other greens that are high in nutrients but bold in flavour, with dandelion greens, Swiss chard, carrot tops, and several others becoming the vegetables of choice in a restaurant. Our choice for vegetables is diversifying in a big way, and one of the trademarks of the vegan movement is paying the price.

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